Bocar Technical Center (BTC)

We are a Mexican company with German DNA.

Our relentless desire to grow and improve – both technologically and commercially – moved us to invest in our Bocar Technology Center in Germany.


About the BTC

About the BTC

About us

Bocar Group has been a synonym of “German made quality” for more than 60 years. A Mexican company with German DNA.  

Our relentless desire to improve, technologically and commercially, led us to invest in our Bocar Technology Center (BTC) in southern Germany. 

BTC focuses in:  

  • Technology development. 
  • Certification of industrial die casting processes. 
  • Monitor prototypes and preproduction runs.  
  • Skilled personnel training.  

We redefine precision and innovation. 

Solutions and engineering

At the prototyping and technology center, simulation, product and tool development meet to ensure top-class series manufacture. Working together with customers, partners, suppliers and universities, we develop new technologies and applications.  

Our innovations address topics related not only to digitalization and lightweight engineering, but also to the shift towards future mobility.

Smelting Works

Our expertise covers all stages of metal foundry, from tooling, smelting, die casting to finishing.  

Our state-of-the-art processes include the very latest technologies operated by highly qualified specialists. Our know-how, developed over many years, enables us to add value for our customers. 

Our high degree of specialization comes from our training and development programs.

Quality assurance

We take quality analysis, optimization, and assurance extremely seriously.  

For this reason, our in-house experts accompany all steps of the process, from the smelting to the finishing and assembly of the final product. These include state-of-the-art technologies and specialists in areas such as CT, optical and tactile measurement, material testing, and metallurgy.  

Inspections are performed and documented by trained and experienced professionals. 

We share our processes and results with our customers, suppliers and Bocar's own global production facilities to ensure collaborative communication.


Through our cooperation across continents and as part of our cross-cultural and diverse company, our employees are the ones who determine how successful the Bocar Group is worldwide.  

Our success relies on training, knowledge sharing among the Group’s various specialized departments and close coordination to ensure that our unique expertise promotes excellence across the entire company.  

Our workforce boasts a healthy mix of youth and experience, ensuring that our knowledge and skills remain for the future. 

We are convinced that despite all technologies, it is people who make the difference. 

Contact us

Im Webertal 24 D-78713 Schramberg-Waldmössingen Germany


In the Bocar Technical Center we believe that progress, whether it is individual or professional, requires the development of mutual responsibility and commitment between the company and its employees. We promote creativity and innovation at all levels for our employees to enjoy developing their careers at Bocar Group. We live by the philosophy of people being the center for the company’s evolution and permanency.