Bocar Group established in China

March 13 , 2023

From January 2020, Bocar Group has an office in China in Shenzhen City of Guangdong province.

The creation of Bocar (Shenzhen) Trading Co. Ltd. is part of the Group's internationalization strategy and will aim to continue developing tooling suppliers for the three business units. In the last three years, more than 250 tooling have been acquired from China, which has represented important economic benefits for the Group.

As the automotive industry is concerned, China has been the largest automobile producer in the world since 2008.

Most of our current customers have plants in various regions of China, plants where they manufacture electric motors, transmissions and vehicles. In addition, China has more than fifty vehicle brands.

Therefore, this new office will allow us to be closer to future new clients. In a next stage, our office will look for the best way to potentiate the opportunities that the Chinese economy, dynamism and growth offer us.