Actions update for Coronavirus COVID-19 by Bocar Group CEO

March 13 , 2023

Dear Colleague:

At Grupo Bocar we are aware of the challenge that Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak represents for all of us and our families in Mexico and all over the world. We know that this is an unprecedented situation and we are up to speed about the scenarios that we could be facing in the near future.

Based on this, I am asking everyone to take the appropriate precautions and follow the recommendations indicated by our HSE department through the Group's official communication channels, which include:

If you feel sick or with symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose or shortness of breath, do not come to work and contact the medical department of your site to inform about your situation.

At the moment, travel abroad is restricted until further notice (those that are extremely necessary will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis). If you are currently traveling in any of the following countries please contact Dr. Pamela Cerón, Ext. 6644 in order to make the pertinent evaluation and receive the proper advice:

- Hong Kong
- Japan
- U.S
- Canada
- France
- Germany
- Spain

Travels around Mexico and interplants are still allowed, but only if they are strictly necessary. I recommend to postpone your trip or use electronic media instead of traveling.

Cancel, postpone or use electronic media for meetings where 10 or more employees must meet (Town Halls, Training, Courses or Work Meetings).

In addition, we ask you to carry out the following prevention measures, both in Grupo Bocar and at home:

- Avoid physical contact like greetings that involve handshakes or kisses. Greet your visitors a meter (3 feet) away.
- Ask visitors at home and at Bocar Group to wash their hands continuously.
- Continuously clean and disinfect the surfaces of your home and workplace. Especially those that you touch a lot, like desks and keyboards.
- If you have symptoms of COVID-19 contact your healthcare provider by phone before going to the doctor or hospital directly

In the following days we will continue sharing with you all the pertinent information and the measures and actions that we will implement according to the progress and our assessment of the situation. I ask everyone to take care of your health and be certain that Bocar Group will support you during this stage, which we will surely overcome successfully.

If you require any type of information or advice about the Coronavirus COVID-19, please contact the Human Resources and HSE personnel at your plant.

Thank you.
Ignacio Moreno
Bocar Group CEO