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About Bocar US

About Bocar US


Bocar US is a leading automotive supplier of aluminum high pressure die casting parts. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, a premier destination for the automotive industry due to its proximity to automotive OEM’s across the Southeast US.

Bocar US, as part of the Bocar Group, develops high quality products using the latest innovation and technologies, focusing on:

  • Structural parts
  • Power train parts
  • E-mobility parts


Quality is an integral part of our mission and we firmly believe that our employees are what make the difference in our success.

Our Bocar Quality Operational System (BQOS) begins well before the production line, with extensive safety trainings we provide to our employees and through our production processes, in which our employees execute quality control checks to ensure that our products meet the customers’ expectations. We maintain a state-of-the-art metrology lab to make certain that every stage of the production and delivery process is executed meticulously.

Our Quality Policy is to exceed customer requirements through the discipline, order and cleanliness alongside the motivation and enthusiasm of our people; working with adherence to the standards of Bocar Group, fostering continuous improvement and lean manufacturing.


Bocar US is committed to protect the environment and to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees by pollution prevention, hazards elimination and risk reduction accordingly to potential environmental impacts, legal and stakeholders’ requirements; while promoting the participation of our employees by setting environmental, health and safety goals and managing through a continuous improvement methodology.

Our commitment follows a philosophy of responsibility between our operations and the environment as a fundamental part of ensuring business continuity and minimizing environmental impact. This is why we continuously work on initiatives following the principles of CO2 footprint reduction from our manufacturing operations, efficiency in the consumption of fresh water and reduction of waste generation.


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23727 Bibb Garrett Rd Tanner, AL 35671 USA


In Bocar US we believe that progress, whether it is individual or professional, requires the development of mutual responsibility and commitment between the company and its employees. We promote creativity and innovation at all levels for our employees to enjoy developing their careers at Bocar Group. We live by the philosophy of people being the center for the company’s evolution and permanency. We are looking for qualified technicians & engineers for hourly & salary positions.